A man's wife was having their third child. While he was taking her to the hospital, they left their relative, who lived with them, as babysitter, in charge of their other 2 kids. The babysitter drank too much booze and passed out.

By coincidence, on an unrelated matter, two policemen came to the door to serve legal papers. They banged on the door and woke the man up. When the man answered the door and let them in, the policemen noticed that the 2-yr. old baby was staggering and acted funny. The baby had blood-shot eyes and smelled of booze! The policemen took the baby to the hospital. His blood alcohol level was .094, which in New York City would be considered as DRUNK!

Apparently, the baby either got hold of the booze after the sitter passed out, or the sitter gave it to him!

It was quite a sight to see a baby DRUNK...with bloodshot eyes. The baby will be fine. The parents will not be charged, but the babysitter will.