}x(}}> Text Fish <{{(x{

Text fish look easy to make but the < and the > are the hard part because they disappear when used in html pages. This problem is solved by using entity codes. You can use the entity code or the ISO number.

&lt; or &#60 = "<" and &gt; or &#62 = ">"

Fish Entity code Entity ISO number
<1><)>< <2>&lt;)&gt;&lt; <3>&#60;)&#62;&#60;
<1><))><{ <2>&lt;))&gt;&lt;{ <3>&#60;))&#62;&#60;{
<1><{(>< <2>&lt;{(&gt;&lt; <3>&#60;{(&#62;&#60;
<1>}><)> <2>}&gt;&lt;)&gt; <3>}&#62;&#60;)&#62;
<1>}x(}}> <2>}x(}}&gt; <3>}x(}}&#62;

In the text boxes below are the codes for making the fish above it. just CCP and place in a sig. You can alter the color, text size or scrollamount to fit your needs.



To write this page I had to use another entity code so that the entity codes would display properly. In every place you see an "&"(ampersand), I had to use its entity code &amp; to display in the other entity codes so they would not convert into < or >. This also has to be done to display codes in text boxes as in the marquee codes in the text boxes above. This will also allow you to box up your own fish codes to save.

The cyan color is only to help show the ampersand entity code where its used.

To make the <)>< you write &lt;)&gt;&lt; but to save it in a text box you write &amp;lt;)&amp;gt;&amp;lt; the &amp; will activate and show as &lt;)&gt;&lt; in the textbox and when CCP'd from the text box and placed in a sig or page the entity codes will activate and show as the fish <)><

To put more then one fish in a marquee, you need to seperate them with hard spaces. To make a hard space, hold down the atl key and press the space key as many times as you need. I put a regular space at the begining and end of a set of hard spaces. this gives a place for the code to drop down to the next line when needed.

I hope this page will help you and not leave a fishy smell behind, LOL.

<))>({<))>({<))>({ <))>({
<))>({<))>({<))>({ <))>({
<))>({<))>({<))>({ <))>({<))>({<))>({

}><}}>}><}}> }><}}>}><}}>

}><))}> }><))}>

<{((>< <{((><


<({[])x{ <({[])x{ <({[])x{ <({[])x{

<{{)x{ <{{)x{ <{{)x{ <{{)x{ <{{)x{

>=}}>)>=}> )>=}}>)>=}}>
}>=}> >=}}> )>=}}>}>=}}>

<"(((><( <"(((><( <"(((><(

{{)<[ {{)<{



<{><( <{><( <{><( <{><( <{><( <{><( <{><(
<{><( <{><( <{><( <{><( <{><( <{><(
<{><( <{><( <{><( <{><( <{><( <{><( <{><(
<{><( <{><( <{><( <{><( <{><(




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