Hi. I thought it might be helpful if I used some of the guidelines of the Dating website in telling something about myself. (We haven't had chance to do that so far. )

I am a retired teacher. Most of the time I taught special education, handicapped children.

I have been in the Peace Corps Training. I was supposed to go to the Philippines, but when it came time for the shots to go overseas, I was allergic to them and couldn't go. I found out that I can't take shots that have eggs in them. For that reason, I have never had a flu shot.

I have been to Hawaii. That is where I trained in the Peace Corps.

I don't play sports, but I understand baseball. I used to play softball, which is similar, when I was in college.

I like swimming very much. I like TV and movies, especially science fiction. In 1997, I found out I had a talent for computers. My first one was a WebTV. That is how I learned to make websites. In 1999, I got a Compaq Presario. I bought the iMac when the Compaq "died" on me! The iMac is easier to use and it doesn't have a CPU. That way, I don't have to struggle to get down to plug in or unplug things. The cords plug into outlets behind the screen.

I have some mobility problems at times. I also use a walker if I have to walk LONG distances.... like at a zoo, or a shopping mall. Normally, I don't need the walker. I am losing weight. Soon I won't need the walker at all. (The mobility situation doesn't affect the "hugging and kissing", though.)

In politics, I guess I am a Liberal. I like President Obama. I hope he can accomplish all that is necessary to get our country back on track.

In religion, I seldom go to church. Here in Glendale, AZ I found the churches unfriendly. I seldom go to church anyway, so it really didn't matter.

My husband was a musician, and I used to play with him at times. I play piano and organ. He played a LOT of instruments. He was very talented.

There is a lot more I could tell, but maybe that is best left for another time.

As you said, I can have more time to do email after I move. I will try to keep in touch anyway, though, even if the emails are short. The other email box I have will remain the same. It is