Hi, Everyone!

I finally realized why Sen. Barack Obama could stay in "that church" and listen to Rev. Wright for 20 years! Those sermons are THERAPUTIC for the people in that congregation! Nowhere else could they vent their feelings and express how they are hurting psychologically except in the privacy of their CHURCH SERVICES. Then, when the REPORTERS CAME IN, WITHOUT THE UNDERSTANDING OF THIS, THEY CHEAPENED IT to snippets on You Tube!

It made Rev. Wright sound like a nutcase. It made the Catholic priest sound like a nutcase! They AREN'T. They are ministering to their congregations!

How DARE the media people, who don't know what is going on, CHEAPEN the feelings of those people.

Even though there is no longer any LEGAL racial discrimination, it is STILL being done in a sneaky way.

Obama is a SMART MAN. He couldn't explain it to the media, because the media would take it the wrong way. The media people would not understand it.

In those 20 years, Obama was LEARNING how to help people.

Those church services were for THOSE PEOPLE, just as important as 12-step meetings are for alcoholics! People on the outside would not understand it.

It came to me yesterday when someone sent me a copy of racial hate postings on a blog. I had an IMMEDIATE NEGATIVE REACTION. It called Black people "monkeys", "chimps", n**ers and other hateful things!

~~ Barbara ~~