Like most people, I remember where I was on 9-11. I had just gotten up. (I was living in Arizona at the time.) I put on the bedroom TV. I saw people running in the streets! I was trying to figure out WHAT COUNTRY that was in....until I saw a street sign! I then realized it was in New York!

Then they showed plane #1 flying into the World Trade Center! I was horrified. Then they showed plane #2 flying into the 2nd Tower! I screamed, "THAT'S no accident!"

Then I heard about the OTHER planes. I said to myself, "What the H*** is going on?"

I sat in disbelief all the rest of that day, watching the grusome news....scrambling jets from Langley AFB, all non-miitary planes ordered to land immediately, etc.

I cried for FOUR DAYS....even when I went out shopping! I felt the deaths of all those people. I had been in the World Trade Center in the 1980s with my husband.

About the top picture: Oddly, just a couple days BEFORE 9-11, I made a computer painting, which I called "THE TOWER OF POWER". I must have had a premonition that something like this was going to happen.