Hi. It was very good. I have Corel Paint, but not dealing with photos. Maybe the photo part is the upgrade of Corel.

The Stickney Crater was strange. It had a glowing smoothness about it. That was on Phobos, one of Mars' moons.

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Thanks. :)

Just in case it never got shown I didn't tell anyone I had sent it in. I don't know if I remote viewed it or what. One day he just popped into my mind and wouldn't leave until I began to draw him. I began with a pencil sketch which I scanned into my pute. Then I used Corel Photo-Paint to add the color and create the rest of the picture. As I was adding the color I remember wondering what sort of animal it evolved from, that's when I recieved impressions about the tapir with the duck head. When I was doing the fingers I kept drawing the nails thick (not what I had wanted) and then images of hard rocky ground and them digging nests came to me. I guess so I would leave the nails thick.

It almost seemed that there was some sort of telepathic communication going on rather than remote viewing. Other peices of information came to me as well.

The pic of Stickney Crater really creeped me out for some reason. Especially the smaller crater on the far side.