This is a picture story called "Talitha Cumi", an episode of "The X-Files". The title means "Arise Maiden". It stars David Duchovny as "Fox Mulder" and Gillian Anderson as "Dana Scully". Roy Thinnes guest-stars as the alien, "Jeremiah Smith".

A man became emotionally upset in a restaurant, and threatened the lives of the customers.

The disturbed man shot three customers. Jeremiah Smith saved them with his healing hands.

The police shot the man. The man said that he was going to die. Jeremiah Smith said that NO ONE is going to die. He put the palm of his hand on the man's injury. He was instantly healed!

No one is going to die.

Jeremiah talked to the police. Then he disappeared.

Mulder and Scully were called in, due to the unusual nature of the shootings. BY THE TIME THEY ARRIVED, ALL PEOPLE WHO WERE WOUNDED WERE HEALED.

The man told Mulder how he and the other people were healed. He said, "God looked down on me today. He reached out and healed me with the palm of his hand."

Mulder asked, "Who?"

The man said, "I was saved by a HOLY MAN. He reached down and healed me with the palm of his hand."

Mulder and Scully found out that there was MORE THAN ONE "Jeremiah Smith"....and ALL of them worked at a Social Security office. They attempted to bring Jeremiah in for questioning, but he escaped from their custody. He shape-shifted into someone else.

Jeremiah Smith had many IDs...and all working at various Social Security offices.

Mulder and Scully attempt to arrest Jeremiah Smith, but he shape-shifts into someone else and escapes.