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The scene changed to Mrs. Mulder's summer home. She met the Cigarette-Smoking-Man there. They talked at first. Then their talk turned to arguing. All this time, someone filmed them.

Mulder got a call from Skinner about his mother. She had a medical emergency and was in the hospital. Mulder went to see her.

Meanwhile, The Cigarette-Smoking Man captured Jeremiah Smith at the Social Security Office. He knew Jeremiah was an alien, and was working AGAINST the evil aliens. He wanted to stop him from interfering with the evil aliens' plans.

Jeremiah sees The Cigaette-Smoking Man's "suits" (henchmen) entering the Social Security Office. He plans to get away, but is caught.

The Cigarette-Smoking Man put Jeremiah in a jail, strapped to a heavy-duty wheelchair to keep him contained, since he can shape-shift into ANYONE and escape. He ordered Jeremiah to be killed, which could only be done with a special instrument. It is like an ice pick and is stabbed into the back of the neck. He awaited an alien executioner to come to do the horrible deed.