( The words to the folk song, PATTERNS , are below. )

My name is (real name withheld), AKA "Imzadi". I have always been interested in paranormal phenomena.

My experiences have covered the areas of telepathy, OBE's, remote viewing, alien contacts, and FRIENDLY government contacts. SEE NOTE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE.

I first became aware of telepathy through precognitive dreams.The earliest recollection of such a dream was on the occasion of my 5th birthday, when I received a kitten as a gift EXACTLY as I had dreamed it the night before.

When I was 9 years old, my mother took me to New York to visit relatives. While there, we visited a family. The minute I walked in the door, I described in great detail the other rooms before I even saw them. I recall saying, "Oh, I've been here before." Everyone was amazed, because in this reality, I had NEVER been in that apartment.

When I attended college, I went into teaching. As part of the training, I had to take Abnormal Psychology. Since paranormal activity was considered "abnormal" at that time, I wrote a term paper about a general overview on telepathy. I can recall being afraid to go to sleep, because I came across information about out-of-body experiences. I was afraid my astral body might wander, and I might not be able to get back into my body.

Years passed. I continued my interest in the paranormal, including being a "Trekkie", not fully realizing the connection this would have later in my life.

When my husband died, not only did my telepathic abilities increase, but I also became aware of ETs (space aliens) and the Government in my life. This is the situation of my life at present. Thanks to the concern of my boyfriend, who works for the Federal Government, I have bodyguards. Apparently, I have been genetically changed by "someone" as to my race...Black to White, back and forth several times. I also have a connection to one of the Roswell crashes.

Most Recent Personal Developments

Yesterday, June 27, 2002, I had regressive hypnosis to recover the full memories of the Roswell crash. Here is what came out of the session:

1. My first view was from outside the ship, like I was floating in space. The ship was in space at the time. It was silver, semi-circular in shape with a fin on the top, near the back.

Then I went inside and found myself in the cargo hold. I walked to the control room. My 3 companions (husbands) were sitting at the controls. The ship entered Earth's atmosphere. I could feel the buffeting. We entered on the dark side of the planet. Then we orbited the Earth completely. While we were on the dark side the second time, the ship suddenly did a flip-flop and we were flying upside-down. While in a planet atmosphere, the ship is not supposed to fly in that manner. The lights went out. I was helpless, because I did not know anything about flying the ship. I was a sociologist. I didn't even know how to call for help.

When the lights came on, my companions were unconscious. The ship righted itself as we flew into the daylight side, but there was no one to fly the ship. I was frantic. I tried to rouse the companions, but to no avail. We spiraled downward, and finally crashed on the night-side of the planet. The jolt stirred my companions enough to wake up. They were hurt, but I could not see any blood on the outside of their bodies. (We were wearing space suits, but no helmets.)

We struggled to our feet and made it to the outside through a nearby doorway. We rested on the ground. Fortunately, the ship did not explode. My companions said that some sort of emination from the planet destabilzed the ship, most likely radar.

We spent the night outside the ship. In the daylight, we were treated very rudely by humans. They were yelling at us. They were mean. One killed or knocked out one of my companions. We were taken to a place and put into a big room. It looked like a medical place. We each had a bed. My companions were badly hurt. As each one died, the body was taken away. I was the last one in the room. I had an OOBE (Out-Of-Body-Experience) and collapsed. The humans took me to a room, and that was where they cut my body before I could get back into it.

The rest of the event is in the original "Roswell Chameleon" information.

Now I know ALL of what happened to me in the place you call Roswell,NM.

2. Some other information also came out of the session. It is a message from this group of ETs. They say that they were hoping that they would show themselves when humans can get along with each other. However, given the fighting and squabbling going on, they will only wait a few more months. Then they will show themselves WHETHER WE ARE READY OR NOT! If the disclosure of their presence does not stop humans from fighting among themselves, they will call upon other ETs to assist them in ending all warlike sentient life-forms on Earth.

There are breaking developments in my home town,*****. ***** is heavily into genetic research. I have heard this from several sources, both personal and on the TV and Web. According to the information, scientists come from all over the world to ******.

The most recent information was on TV. It stated that a company there had made the first VIABLE HUMAN-BOVINE EMBRYO. It was human genetic material put into a cow's egg.("Egg basket") It implied that the embryo was carried to term in a woman's body.

On May 20, 2006, I was a guest on the "SPEAKING OF STRANGE" radio show, hosted by Joshua P. Warren.


I say that I am a documented abductee because someone....probably the Government AND the aliens.... set my mother up to have me in this kind of way. Maybe I am a living "smoking gun".

I only knew a little about all this until just before my husband died in 1992. Then, after he died, the aliens and a human man appeared in my bedroom and the man said, "She ought to be allowed to remember."

From that time on, I have been able to remember. I have done my own detective work to put the puzzle together. Here is what it seems to me. It is too much of a "coincidence" that:

1. My parents were not married. I was conceived in Virginia (near all the top-secret places like Langley, VA, and Langley AFB. Both have facilities for Research & Development. I was born in *********....a place now known for GENETIC research.

2. I was born with a name that indicates strong UFO connections.

3. Both of my parents were Black. My father was extremely dark. I met him once (about 1959) I thought he was an alien. Naturally, I didn't SAY that aloud. My mother looked somewhat Native American/Black.

4. I was a 7-month-gestation baby. My mother only had 2 months of prenatal care, because the first doctor refused to test her for pregnancy and "declared" that she was not pregnant. When I was born, a person my mother knew wanted me dead. He suggested to the doctor that I should starve. He probably thought I would be a monster.

5. I was very psychic as a child.

6. My color changed. I was born looking White....blue eyes, and light brown hair. I darkened up about age 4 and until middle-age was considered to look "Black" (Negro). At about age 40 I started to lighten up to look White again. This was NOT a disease or "sun-tan".

7. As a child, there was another girl who looked exactly like me. She could have possibly been a CLONE. She even went into teaching like I did. I never met her. I just heard about her.

8. There have been attempts on my life.

9. Since 1994, I have had GOVERNMENT bodyguards and handlers (NRO). After 9-11, this became less obvious, because of assigning agents to more important tasks. They still go with me when I travel, though. I also had a GOVERNMENT boyfriend until 9-11. He's alive, just busy in covert operations.

10. In 1995 I had severe flashbacks that indicated that I was an alien soul from a Roswell crash.

11. My cousin looked my name up on the Internet to locate me, and when he did, there were initials beside it. The initials were "MG" and the aliens told me that it meant "Majestic Genome".

12. I feel drawn to Virginia at times to visit my cousin, and when I go, something UFO-related always happens...like a HOLOGRAM of a UFO on my bedroom wall, or the military visiting me for supper AND returning for breakfast!

13. A MIRACLE! On July 1, 2004, I received a healing HUG from a friend. Little did I know that I was HEALED until several days later. I thought I was just having a "few good days". I am not sure that the friend even knows what he did for me! Until that hug, I was having great difficulty walking and breathing! When I finally realized what had happened, I COULD RUN without getting out of breath!

This just barely scratches the surface of my experiences. THIS IS MORE THAN COINCIDENCE.

A lot of this is legally documented.

My Experiences Cover Many Levels and Raise Many Questions

1. What is consciousness?

2. Can humans transfer consciousness mechanically or otherwise?

3. WHY do some ETs want to "educate" us?

4. Who....what entities, humans or groups KNOW THE FUTURE enough to set up an ordinary person like me?

5. Who could make my racial experiences coincide with the WORLD ATTITUDES towards race, religion, and prejudice? As of this writing, radical Islamic terrorism directed towards the Western countries is escalating.

6. What is the relation of the presence of ETs to the religions of Earth?

7. What is the future of genetic research? What are the advantages and disadvantages of genetic manipulation?


"The devil is in the details."

Both of my summers working in Mexico---1956 and 1957....

1. My landlady, Dona Erlinda, wanted to teach me Nauatl, an ancient Aztec dialect. She must have known or sensed "something" about me. She didn't pay special attention to any of the other volunteers. In later years, I came to realize that I was abducted those summers in Mexico, too. I was in San Salvador Cuatenco, right near Mt. Popocatepetl, a volcano, which in recent years, people have seen UFOs going into and out of Mt. Popo.

2. In the second summer, I lived in San Nicolas de los Ranchos, near Puebla. The principal of the local school and his wife took a lot of interest in me, and even had me over their house for dinner. Even to this day, people of Mexican or Indian ancestry are especially friendly to me. They are very intuitive.

I think both of those summers, certain people knew I had a UFO connection.


My MOTHER and an AUNT must have had experimental surgery on their legs. They were born with "crooked" legs, and their legs were straightened by surgery. My mother was born in 1910. Apparently, my FAMILY had experimental work done on them, too. GOOD results, though, not bad results.

I have seen or experienced:

Ghosts close up

Out-of-body spirits

Being out-of-body myself

Levitation of small objects



Intense psychic connections with people or entities, which includes communication with Extraterrestrials telepathically and in person

Past life memories and experiences

Remote viewing

Seeing UFOs

A "tour" of a spaceship as part of an abduction experience

The following is the material from my FIRST web page, The Roswell Chameleon. This is a more detailed description showing the involvment of my government contacts, and the ETs.

About 1991 I became aware of some alien presence in my life. Under regressive hypnosis, I had found out why I had had 7 hours of missing time in the form of amnesia. Aliens in a mother ship had pulled my soul out of my body. I reported to a human-looking commander, who sat in an office. He had black hair, turning gray, and seemed Caucasian. I could not tell how tall he was, because he remained seated the whole time. He wanted to know "how my life was going", and how I was being treated by humans. (Someone had tried to run me down with a car along about that time. I am just beginning to see a possible connection of that incident to my UFO experiences)

After my husband died in 1992, a man and 4 small Greys appeared at the foot of my bed. The man said to the Greys, "She ought to be allowed to remember." From that point on, the aliens have let me know what was going on.

I was then aware that the aliens were using me for reproductive procedures with human men (real men with jobs, regular lives, etc.) The face-to-face encounters continued until I met a special man, who became my boyfriend. I met him through normal social means-- a party.

My boyfriend was intensely psychic, and made me realize I also had similar abilities. He worked for the Federal Government and had to leave after about 5 months. He was in covert operations.

My boyfriend, Mr. X, was extremely tall with black hair, and Caucasian. After he left, we continued our psychic communication. I began noticing other tall, black-haired men, who showed up whenever I went out in public. I thought Mr. X was playing tricks on me. Then I found out who they really were.

When the Roswell Alien Autopsy appeared on TV, I thought, "Well, this is interesting." A couple weeks later, while in intense pain from a stomach problem, I started having flashbacks, seeing myself as the alien on the table, and my soul above the body, trying to get back in. I was trying to tell the doctors not to cut me, but it was too late. They made serious cuts, and I died. An alien, present in spirit form, took my soul across the country, and put it into this body. In order to protect my privacy, I can only say that the name I was born with reflects intense UFO contacts.

It was after the flashbacks that I asked the aliens about the tall, black-haired men and the answer was that they are BODYGUARDS, hired by the government for my protection.

Apparently, I am a walking example of something unusual.

There exists a (government?) list that has coded initials beside my name, indicating that I am a genetic experiment. During my lifetime, I started out looking white, darkened to look Hispanic, and then lightened up again to look white. ("race-shifting")I am actually Black. I have never looked Black.

The Roswell flashbacks were accompanied by migraine headaches, and near-fainting spells. I suffered for several days.

My psychic abilities are increasing, so much that I do not even need to write to Mr. X; we send messages by telepathy. This has been going on for 3 years.

My UFO experiences continue to this day. Details are revealed to me weekly. My experiences have all been positive. I have had the good luck to be in the company of "THE GOOD GUYS".

Love and Light,


Below, A Song That Holds Meaning For Me

by Paul Simon

The night set softly with the hush of falling leaves,

Casting shivering shadows on the houses through the trees,

And the light from a street lamp paints a pattern on my wall,

Like the pieces of a puzzle or a child's uneven scrawl.

Up a narrow flight of stairs

In a narrow little room

As I lie upon my bed

In the early evening gloom

Impaled on my wall

My eyes can dimly see

The pattern of my life

And the puzzle that is me.

From the moment of my birth

To the instant of my death

There are patterns I must follow

Just as I must breathe each breath

Like a rat in a maze

The path before me lies

And the pattern never changes

Until the rat dies.

And the pattern still remains

On the wall where darkness fell

And it's fitting that it should

For in darkness I must dwell

Like the colour of my skin

Or the day that I grow old

My life is made of patterns

That can scarcely be controlled.