Subject: My attendance at the UFO Conference at the Radisson Hotel, in Scottsdale, AZ, Feb. 26, 2012. Music is from Bryce Zabel's "DARK SKIES".

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The Banquet Room

The Lobby

"Yours Truly" :-)

The cast of the TV Show, "FACT OR FAKED"

Bryce Zabel, creator of the TV Series "DARK SKIES" and other TV shows and movies

Mr. Zabel and Me

Mr. Zabel and Friend

Bryce Zabel's son at their souvenir table

Displays in the Hallway

The following are assorted pictures. The photo of a man is a friend in California, made up as an alien. He had several roles in the tv series, "Alien Nation" and "Star Trek:Deep Space 9". The UFO photos were taken by his friend several years ago. The UFO split into parts.

There are more NASA pictures on the Research page.

All of my works of art on this website are copyrighted.

The following pictures are from NASA. They show enlargements of objects near the Sun.

The picture below is an artist's rendering of what a NASA base might look like on Mars.