Greetings. My name is ------------. (I have been advised that it is not safe for me to tell my real name.) I have always been interested in the paranormal, although I didn't use the name "paranormal".

As a small child I was very telepathic. I had precognitive dreams. I was able to also identify some of my past lives. I was also interested in science fiction.

About 1991, my life took a dramatic turn. Circuumstances once again made unusual matters important in my life. My area of the U.S. was beginning to have an interest in "New Age" thought. I went to meetings. At one occasion, a psychic told my fortune. She didn't even respond to the question I had asked her. She said that I had been abducted by aliens, and that I would be abducted again. She suggested that I choose a person who does regressive hypnosis to find out more. I did and the result was that I found our where I (my soul) was during a missing 7 hours about 1959 or so.

My husband was a patient listener. He had no comment about the abduction experience, but he seemed to think it was not a harmful event. Then things became worse in the fall of 1991, ending in my husband's death in January of 1992. It was then that the aliens made themselves known to me. They appeared in my bedroom, along with a human man, who told them that I "ought to be allowed to remember"

From that time on, I did.....levitation in my bedroom, etc. Fortunately I was near taking an early retirement, so I did not have a long time to have the spectacular incongruity of teaching public school in the daytime, and being used as a guinea pig for the ETs' genetic program in the night. My mother had a saying for these kinds of situations:"That which is done in the dark will surely come to light."

Long story, short....I retired from teaching and moved to a location nearer my mother and siblings. After 4 months in the new home, in 1994, I met "Mr. Wonderful", who happened to work for the government. He is very TALL, nice-looking, and has black hair. He is also VERY TELEPATHIC, and knowledgable about all kinds of paranormal matters. We have been in a relationship ever since, mostly by telepathy.

In 1995 I had severe flashbacks, which told me that I had been one of the aliens who crashed in Roswell about 1947 or 1948, That ET's soul had been put into this body.....MY present body. Then a lot of "stuff" began to make sense. Since my maiden name was -------, my name AT BIRTH translates as ----------. That revelation was one of those "Oh, my G-o-d!" moments. Also, after Mr. Wonderful left to return to his government work, I noticed tall, dark-haired men connecting to me in public places. They were ALL telepathic. I found out that they are bodyguards. I hadn't noticed them until my boyfriend left. I presume that he recmmended that I have protection.

I also became aware of having "handlers", which in my case were advisors. ALL these people were NICE. Appaarently, they are in the NICE part of the government. In retrospect, I began to realize that I had had handlers all my life.

I wondered WHY I had them. Then it occurred to me that in the last few years I no longer looked Black. (Both my parents were Black. All my blood relatives are Black.) The ONLY WAY that change could happen without it being a disease would be by genetic alteration. I found out that this is exactly what happened. I am or was someone's R&D (research & development) project.

That brings the situation up to present. Sometimes there is more security on me when I go out, and sometimes less. They are ALWAYS present when I travel on public transportation...plane, bus, etc. They are usually present when I am in large crowds. ~Imzadi~