Date: Sat, Aug 25, 2001, 12:34am
Breaking News: Apparent Contact Through Crop Circles! 12:30 AM 8/25/01
  A couple days ago, 3 very unusual crop glyphs appeared in England. One was a FACE, one was a copy of drawings/diagrams we had sent into space for anyone "out there" to see, and one was the ETs' response to our drawings/diagrams. The crop glyphs were made right near a radio telescope!
 I have noticed that MOST Americans seem to be distracted by a current political scandal doubt an attempt to  "wag the dog" (provide a distraction so we wouldn't notice the CONTACT with the ETs).
 This news may change daily. Stay tuned! :-)
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NOTHING was done about the significant crop circle! The public and the media chose to focus on a Congressman's scandal! IT WAS SWEPT UNDER THE RUG!

A Carving from an Egyptian Pyramid