Telepathy is an ability that scientists think we all may have in varying degrees. Generally, it is the ability to do something that seems to not follow the known rules of science. Examples are precognition, remote viewing, out-of-body experienes, telekinesis, psychometry, mind control, and other such feats.

1. Precognition is the ability to tell what is going to happen. Most people call it "gut feeling" or other such term. Most people know it on a lesser scale when they know the phone will ring,or when a child is in danger. However, there are those who know it on a larger scale...predicting earthquakes, wars, climate changes, etc. Their accuracy varies.

2. Remote Viewing is the ability to let one's mind go to places and see events in the past, present or future. People can be trained to do this, or have the talent natuarally as I do.

At one time, our Government had a team of remote viewers, both for finding out where people were in the present and for seeing into the past or future. Some who were in this team said that it "messed up" their minds to see some of the horrible events in the torture in WW2 Germany.

3.Out-of-Body Experience is the ability of a person to send his/her soul out of the body to travel to places. It is called OOB. My experience with this has been harmful, insofar as when my soul is out, my body chugs and stops breathing at times, causing sleep apnea. For me, this is not desirable. Some people can do it safely, but not in my situation.

4.Telekinesis is the ability to change objects with the mind. In the U.S. and Israel, Uri Geller was able to do this . He demonstrated his ability to bend spoons and fix watches.I have not heard much about him in recent years. I assume he is still performing.

In my own life, my boyfriend, who travels all over the world, has written on my leg and arm, when nowhere near me. This is also telekinesis. It is painless, and fades in a few days.

5. Psychometry is the ability to hold an object and by that contact alone, tell who possessed the object and a lot about the person who owned it. This is what psychics often do when they help the police find missing people.

6. Mind Control is exactly what it says...the ability to control someone's thoughts and actions. I know it exists, because I have seen my boyfriend do it to others harmlessly, and to me in a playful manner.
In the hands of the wrong person, it can be deadly.