TELEKINESIS: The cartoon creature my boyfriend drew on my leg, Sept. 26, 2011.

UFOs EXCHANGING ELECTRICITY or POWER. I watched this activity for 2 hours!

UFOs OVER MY BACK YARD! They were there for about 5 minutes. They were behind the clouds, but had made cookie-cutter holes in the clouds so I could see them glowing through.

My life is very disorganized. (I still maintain a good sense of humor.)

Several examples:

1. One time, I turned off my PC at 1:00AM to go to bed. I could see the time, because I had a clock plus the clock on the desktop. I walked straight from the computer room across the living room, without stopping at all. When I got to my bedroom, the clock on the night stand read 6:00 AM and DAYLIGHT WAS COMING through the window blinds! I was in a condo, not a mansion. How did it take me all that time to walk from the computer room to the bedroom?

2. A few weeks ago, in January, I was driving to a meeting where I live. I was on T-Rd. and I turned down a street where a RESTAURANT was on the corner. I didn't get lost. I had been to several of those meetings at that location. I was supposed to be in a residential neighborhood, but I never got there. Next thing I knew, I was on B- Rd., headed for home! I figured I might as well go back home. I would have been late for the meeting.

3. Several years ago, in NM, I left a supermarket about 7:00PM. I turned down my street. The market was on the corner of my street. I couldn't have gotten lost! Next thing I knew, I was driving in farmland! I wasn't the ONLY confused person. About 3 other drivers had the SAME PROBLEM. WE ALL turned around in an Elk's Club parking lot, and headed back to town. I don't know what happened to the other drivers, but a very old-fashioned BLACK pick-up truck (like in the 1940s) came out of a side street. The driver indicated I should follow him back to town. It was the weirdest truck I ever saw. It had bright BLUE tail lights, and blue lights over the driver's rear-view mirror. Then the truck disappeared. Then it re-appeared, coming out of a side street near me. Again I followed it until I knew where I was. I said to myself, "I see there's a big apartment building across the street from me, so I'll use that as a landmark. It's lit up like a Christmas tree." Using that apartment building as a landmark, I turned into my driveway right across the street from it.

The next day, I saw that there WASN'T ANY TALL APARTMENT BUILDING across from my driveway! Then, what did I see that was all lit up, SEVERAL STORIES HIGH? How about the "ghost truck" that showed me how to get home again?

4. I get "put to sleep" frequently at home during the day. That is why it is so hard for me to keep on schedule with anything. It is also why I can't sleep at night. I get my "rest" in the daytime.

5. Several years ago, in NM, the piano tuner came to tune the piano. He tuned it and also had to fix the foot pedals. A few days later, I had to call him again. The foot pedals were unhitched again. He came and fixed them. (No charge. ) That lasted a few days and then I had to call him AGAIN about the foot pedals. He's a nice guy. Again he fixed them at no charge. He kept saying, "How can that be? They can't undo themselves." I said, "Well, maybe Gremlins?" After he left the last time, I looked up at the "ceiling" and said , "You guys! Stop messing around!" The foot pedals stayed fixed.

6. One time, while driving in the daytime, I was "moved", car and all from one part of N- Ave. near the Wal-Mart Superstore to the part where the Expressway ramps are, 'way beyond N.-**th Ave.

7. Every time I visit my relatives in Hampton, VA, I get a paranormal experience. Also, usually the military unofficially contacts me. (Langley AFB.) One serviceman came to visit for supper, and then RETURNED AGAIN FOR BREAKFAST!

8. Lawn UFO Impressions! Events really got physical in NM. Either someone had a sense of humor (which I doubt) or Steven Spielberg's movie created a mini-invasion on my lawn. Whatever happened, about 2 or 3 months after Spielberg's "WAR OF THE WORLDS" showed in NM, I came home to see a very weird sight! I hadn't noticed it when I went out that day, but when I came home, I saw THREE BIG IMPRESSIONS ON THE LAWN! THREE like a TRIPOD!! Each indentation was big enough for me to stand in. They were about 1 ft. deep and 2 ft. in diameter. I took pictures. The gardener was anxious to COVER THEM UP. Dirt was not dug out. These were indentations, like something very heavy with 3 legs had landed there. The grass was dry, but there were no burn marks.


9. Any time I travel on public transportation, I have a government bodyguard. They are the NRO, the same people who guard the astronauts. (National Reconnaissance Office)

I could go on, but these samples of the "weird stuff" are probably enough.

Me, visiting the Roswell Hangar, where the bodies were kept in 1947.

My Thoughts About Full Disclosure

Years ago, I had a strange "dream". God, or whoever runs the Universe, assigned projects for his intelligent "creatures" to do. After all, if someone is very busy, He (or She) must delegate tasks to others under Him. Anyway, God gave the creatures the task to create other intelligent beings. They had a plan to go by, namely that the most beneficial structure was one head, bifocal vision, a brain, a neck, a torso, 2 arms, 2 legs, hands with opposable thumb, feet, and walked upright. The other stuff was just superficial: color, texture of skin, placement of ears, noses, tails, hair, etc.

The creatures made their projects, and most followed the guidelines. There were "good", "bad, and "neutral" life forms. Skin color had NO EFFECT on their behavior.

Years ago, humans on Earth were NOT READY to hear about other intelligent creatures on other planets. NOW, however we ARE ready. We are in the "SPACE AGE". We have been to the Moon. (Some say, even BEYOND the Moon.)

It also seems that the TIMING of full disclosure is very important, in order not to create a panic. Few people will panic now, because they realize this. Even the POPE has said that there are space aliens.

I have also noticed that when SITUATIONS DO NOT MAKE SENSE, especially in POLITICS, "something else" is rumbling around in the background where we can't see it. That applies to the WHOLE WORLD, not just the USA.


Why I Know My Space Alien/Genetic Experiences Are Real

When my husband died in 1992, a human man and some small space aliens showed up in my bedroom and the man told them that I should be allowed to remember.

1. I was conceived in Hampton, VA, a place now known for many government facilities. It was probably linked to the government at the time of my conception, too.

2. When my mother first thought she was pregnant, the doctor she went to said, OH, YOU ARE NOT PREGNANT. He did not even bother to check her and just sent her on her way. He was probably in on the plan, and did not want her to consider an abortion.

3. In the 5th month, my mother could FEEL me moving, so she went to a DIFFERENT DOCTOR. He tested her and found she was pregnant. I was born 2 months later, so I only had 7 months gestation. I was born at home.

4. My birth certificate lists me as Black and the name on my birth certificate shows my strong relationship to space alien experiences.

5. Both of my parents were Black (African-American), yet I was born with BLUE EYES, LIGHT BROWN CAUCASIAN HAIR AND A CAUCASIAN COMPLEXION. My father was as dark as any person could be, and my mother was very tan.

6. I darkened up enough to be called n-er in kindergarten and from then on in elementary school. I was recognized as Black through high school and college as well.

7. As a child, my family knew there was something special about having a certain family name. I found out more recently that I have the SOUL of one of the space aliens that crashed. When that soul walked into this body, the original soul left. She wanted to leave Earth. I had an intense bloody nose and became an adult female to mark the occasion.

8. When I was a child, and my mother took me shopping, she always had a feeling someone was staring at us. Sometimes she’d tell the person, "DO YOU THINK YOU WILL KNOW ME THE NEXT TIME YOU SEE ME?" (I now think those people were bodyguards.)

9. I never dated teenagers. I started dating at college age, and those men were older than me, single, but not of college age. They may have also been bodyguards, but I did not know it at the time.

10. Occasionally, my mother would ask me if I had dreams about falling. I said, No. Maybe those were her memories of being abducted.

11. I began to realize that family members had also had experiments done to them. I had an uncle who was the FIRST PERSON TO HAVE A DOUBLE HIP REPLACEMENT OPERATION. I know this for a fact, because I was taken to visit my uncle when he was in the hospital.

My mother and one of her sisters had their legs straightened, because of a birth deformity. That was probably experimental too, at that time. My mother was born in 1910.

12. My uncle may have been paid by the government, because in spite of our family having my mother working in a factory, my uncle providing a live answering service for a company and my grandmother doing seamstress work, he managed to buy a big colonial house with a lot of land, and start a sanitation company with CUSTOM-MADE TANK TRUCKS. This was in 1945.

13. At various times, there have been attempts on my life, both before I found out about the space alien contacts and since. I had food poisoning 7 times. Two times cars tried to run me down. A gun was pointed in my bedroom window, and a nerve-shattering noise came from my TV. (It was NOT the FCC.) There have been other events, too.

14. When I retired, the aliens told me to move to Sedona, Arizona. My mother and brother and sister had moved to Phoenix, Arizona years before. I said jokingly to the aliens, "What? Are you guys in the real estate business?" and the leader said, "No, but we MAKE THINGS HAPPEN." It turned out that I bought a house from a elderly man from my home town in New England who was taking his sick wife back to New England. He even went to the SAME HIGH SCHOOL I WENT TO, but of course, he was much older than me.

15. The bodyguard situation continues to present, except that I do not always know who they are like I did at first.

16. I have been racially changed several times in my lifetime. At present I look White. (Caucasian) I have asked doctors over the years about the changes and they say, Once you are born a certain race, you stay that way. I do not have a skin pigment disease, and no medication that I take or ever took caused the color change. I have not had cosmetic surgery. I have had the dubious distinction of being called n-er and wh- tr in the same lifetime. The aliens told me that I am living proof that race does not matter, and that all humans should stop fighting over race, religion, politics and land.